Jan 15, 2012

Our Vision for 2012


A special thanks to our Stagee talent
It has been almost two months since we launched Stagee's public alpha, and we couldn't be more excited! Thank you to all of our spectacular talent who have shared their journeys with us, our community and their social networks. You are truly pioneers helping to build what we envision will be a thriving platform where actors, models, singers, musicians, dancers, and comedians can easily connect with agents, casting directors and producers and find valuable professional resources.

Your support and feedback
The new year has given us renewed energy to work even harder to develop awesome features we know you'll love. And, if by chance you take issue with one or two, let us know about it.

The Stagee project is a monumental endeavor that will need the support of its users and towel wavers at every small step of the way. For those of you who have already been enjoying the site as either "talent" or "just looking," we would love to receive both a wish list of features you'd like to see added or positive feedback about features you already use and love.

To musicians & voice over artists: we will soon unveil "Tracks," using SoundCloud technology, where you will be able to stream and promote your music or voice work. But this is only the beginning. In the coming months, we'll release more cool music stuff for both talent and fans.

Help us spread the word
Along with continuing to improve our users' experience and adding great features, we need your help to spread the word. The real magic of Stagee comes from artists and their undying passion to create and promote their work. Without them, Stagee is just a few lines of fancy code and a couple of geeks with a big idea. So, encourage all of the talented performers you know to create a talent profile. Or maybe you know someone with just a dream and a gift.

We wish each and every one of you a healthy and fulfilling new year and may all your dreams come true! If we can contribute in any meaningful way along your path, let us know. For now, enjoy this very talented 14 year-old with a dream and the guts to "make it happen."

"...take your passion, and make it happen."