Dec 24, 2011

Stagee Points: How and Why?

Let's talk for a second about points on Stagee....

1. How do I earn them? Why do I need them?
2. Will there soon be more ways to earn points?

Let's tackle question #1 and its follow-up.

It's very simple. Imagine if every time someone saw something in which you appeared, or admired one of your photos, you earned points. For performers, attention and exposure are like gasoline in a car. They propel you forward and help you reach your intended destination. This is Stagee points in a nutshell... I'll say it again. They "propel you forward and help you reach your intended destination."

A performer on Stagee regularly earns points for two main reasons. They are actively working in the "real" world and are regularly promoting themselves on Stagee. The points you earn will pay off when agents, casting directors and producers find your profile. They may already be checking you out. Soon, with the release of "agent" profiles, these decision-makers will be official and much more visible. In short, your profile will stand out more to potential employers if you've racked up an impressive number of points - and of course if your profile is overflowing with good quality content.

Question #2: Will there soon be more ways to earn points?

Yes. Currently, you can earn points by getting people to vote for you and rate your videos and blog posts. Use your Buzz Page wisely, and soon your pics and audio tracks will also be rateable.

Rack up those points! It's a great way for you and the folks watching you to quantify the LOVE pouring in from your audience and loyal fans.

On Behalf of the Stagee Team,
Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!!