Dec 13, 2011

"Fan Club" - Stagee's newest feature

Actors make human stories come to life. Models turn physical beauty into an art. Dancers shows us the possibilities of movement as a powerful channel for expression. Comedians bring us a bag of Truth gift wrapped in Irony, adorned with a ribbon of Cynicism; and we appreciate all of this mostly because they make us laugh. Singers have a knack for using the human voice to touch people’s soul. Musicians traverse cultural and linguistic boundaries using the magic of melody, harmony and rhythm.

The performers we follow and love and the new ones we have yet to discover all have one thing in common: they entertain us, stimulate our senses and inspire our journeys. And for that we are obligated to show them the love they deserve in return. 

To show this love, we have just released our newest feature, "Fan Club." Stagee Fan Club lets fans (and friends) post comments in a live feed to each "favorite" artist on his/her fan club page. Talent can respond instantly, and the feed is visible to everyone.

As an artist, Fan Club is an amazing opportunity to more easily interact with fans, announce upcoming events and show agents, casting directors and producers live feedback and recognition from audiences.

We hope both talent and fans enjoy Fan Club. We welcome your feedback on this and other current and future features in the weeks and months to come.

Thanks! Now, go check out your favorite talents and write to them on their new Fan Club pages!