Nov 10, 2011

Our Vision for Stagee

Every once in a while, someone comes up with something really cool that changes the way things are done. This is our vision and hope for Stagee, and we think we've come up with that "something" for the entertainment industry. In fact, positive feedback we've gotten from our brave closed alpha users and other relevant observers has reinforced our gut feeling - that the stage is set for something great!

The idea behind Stagee was to create a serious online platform more in line with the promotional and professional needs of entertainers. On the casting and producing side, industry pros should have a much easier time connecting with and finding good quality talent. And, of course, good quality talent will provide a great entertainment experience for audiences.

Some of the other platforms are cool; just not specifically designed for talent. We want Stagee to enable a unique social dynamic between talent, audiences and industry pros with a visual and user experience to match the "cool factor" of the entertainment industry.

Our public alpha will be launched in just a couple of weeks. Stagee has begun to take the shape we had intended and we can barely contain our excitement! The energy here is high, which makes the long hours in the trenches possible.

So, check out for yourself and spread the word!